Impact + Sustainability

Elevate your taste with aēlo, where exquisite non-alcoholic cocktails meet sustainability. Our eco-friendly processes are as refreshing as our drinks, and we take pride in having a positive community impact.

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At aelo we are on a mission to create a premium expertly handcrafted cocktail, with zero sugar, zero calories, gluten free and made with real ingredients.

Committed to your well-being, we acknowledge the link between alcohol and health risks. Our product helps steer us towards a future where everyone can enjoy a cocktail without comprising health and flavour.

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Zero Sugar

aēlo’s zero-sugar, non-alcoholic cocktails are guilt-free indulgence, embodying a commitment to taste and fun.

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Less Water Usage

With each aelo can we save about 48 liters of fresh water.

Plant a tree for each case sold Icon.

A Tree With Every Purchase

With every aēlo box sold, we plant a tree, contributing to a greener planet and making every sip a step towards sustainability.

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Recycled Packaging

Embracing sustainability with every sip. Our packaging materials are crafted from recycled materials, minimizing environmental impact.

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Socially Inclusive

We strive to create an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. Together, we champion diversity and celebrate the richness it brings to our community.

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Zero Moments Wasted™

Don’t let hangovers steal your precious moments. Embrace vitality and seize every opportunity. Live fully, free from the limitations with zero moments wasted.

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Liquid Intelligence

Liquid Intelligence drives a commitment to innovation and sustainability. The creation of aēlo, with its focus on non-alcoholic, zero-sugar, zero calories, gluten free cocktails and environmental initiatives, aligns with Liquid Intelligence’s broader goal of providing innovative and socially responsible beverage options that prioritize both consumer well-being and the planet.

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Our Future Plans

In the future, aēlo aims to continue pioneering in the non-alcoholic beverage space by introducing new flavors and expanding its sustainable practices. The company envisions a world where health-conscious consumers can enjoy aēlo’s innovative offerings while contributing to a positive impact on the environment.

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