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We are difference makers and the bold seekers of something greater. We live our lives to the fullest and have high expectations of anything we’re drinking. That’s why we made aēlo.

Our Story

aēlo was created with a passion for creativity and obsession for the perfect cocktail experience... with none of the prep work. Our specific brand of high quality, hand-crafted and incredibly detail-oriented recipes is something that we hope will help guide the hospitality industry and cocktails to a higher standard.

Gone are the days of ingredients you can’t pronounce that have been thrown together carelessly without thought or regard for how it will negatively affect your body now and in the future.

aēlo original recipes were first tested in living rooms amongst circles of friends with a fine appreciation for a boutique beverage experience. Through months of hard work and seeking perfection, aēlo has now found its way to a larger audience. 

We’re excited to share our creations with you. By offering all of our products as non-alcoholic variations, we aim to include any lifestyle and have you covered no matter what the occasion.

Whether you’re celebrating your latest promotion, rewarding yourself after a long hike, or simply settling in on a Sunday evening mentally preparing for the week to come, there’s an aēlo cocktail for you.


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Christos Kalaitzis
Founder, aēlo Expertly Handcrafted Cocktails
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Our recognition

aēlo is being recognized internationally for its flavour and ingenuity, most recently at the 2021 San Diego Spirits Festival. Throughout a week of highly controlled blind tastings and only top cocktails are highlighted with a medal.

2021 Silver Medal of the San Diego Spirits Festival
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We're here to answer your questions

We're an open book when it comes to our products. Check out our FAQs for questions regarding our ingredients, why we use them and what's next for aēlo.


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